Android TPT port

  • TPTRules
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    thank you jacob works great. 

  • New_man100000
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    why don't work complex command

    tpt.hud=1 ,nothing change,please read this and fix it.

  • Russkiu
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    I cant log in to my account and there no button to save online. Is this conceived or is it a mistake? 

  • jacob1
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    @Russkiu (View Post)
    The button to save online is only there when you are logged in (otherwise it does local saves)

    Make sure you enter it correctly, it is case-sensitive. So the R in your name has to be capital, and the password has to be capitalized correctly. On the forums, username isn't case sensitive, but it is in-game.

    Also make sure you aren't using an email to log in. Use the username, not your email.
  • Danthegod
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    So it works on my 16 gb phone 

    Atleast its not a fake one

  • sikerow
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    How do i load saved structures i wanna place a nuke in a town

  • jeffluo35
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    ... there's a button for that
    rudimentary screenshot on phone edited with gimp
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  • rambot
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  • cellman123
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    Hi Jacob1!  Just asking, would there be an option to show tmp and tmp2 values of hovered particles for the Android port?  I know it brings up space concerns on phones, but I'm currently using a touchscreen Chromebook and it gets quite annoying not being able to see these in the HUD :(  Maybe detect screen size and show tmp, tmp2, etc. values if the screen is large enough?  Thanks!

  • jacob1
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    @cellman123 (View Post)
    It's actually not intentional that those don't display. It's because in my mod (which this is based off of), tmp and tmp2 weren't in the HUD by default before, you had to manually enable them. I changed that a few weeks ago, so the next android release will also have them by default.

    No way to enable them now, besides maybe editing powder.pref, even then i'm not sure which 0s would need to be changed to 1s