Android TPT port

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     y'know, there is a reason why I got -9001% on that IQ test...

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    I have a REALLY annoying issue. it won't let me unequip an element. when I wanna look at temp and stuff, it places the element I use. I have to use the wall eraser to look at the element and the stats. is there a way around this?

    As for the stickmen, can't you add an option that gives you an on-screen joystick to control it?

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    There is no simple way to see am element's properties without also drawing stuff. Maybe if you change the brush size to 1 it would be easier. I'll consider an "INFO" tool which brings up a pop-up with a bunch of info about the element you click.

    As for stickmen ... I honestly don't care about them that much. Maybe someone will pull request a method of selecting and controlling them.
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     And what's the reason why us mobile users can't use mods? Did it lag/glitch the game?

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    Nobody has made a C++ mod that can be compiled for Android. Note how mods right now are a separate download that runs entirely separately from the main game.

    Lua mods work just fine in the Android port, there just is no interface to download them at the moment.
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    May you add interface for Lua script


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    oh...i may say a:'May you add interface for Lua script on android version?'



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    Pls make mods for android versions

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    One thing I've discovered is that I have a USB keyboard built for my kindle but I connected it to my phone while on powder toy and stickman control was smooth asf

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    Yep, keyboard and mouse controls should work just fine if you have them. It is the same code that runs normal TPT.

    (but otherwise i'm not going to focus on stickmen control in the android port ...)