TPT Minecraft Server

  • CiaAin50589
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     Can you reset the end every so often so that me and my friend can get elytras?

  • jacob1
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    There should be plenty still available, see the dynmap to see what has been explored so far

    If you need, at some point maybe I could get on and find one, it's really easy to get them once you have an elytra ...
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  • Earthbright
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    jacob1 Can you play Minecraft? And Build Survival Shelter?

  • Solace
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    I mean, you can enter the server and build one yourself. I don't believe jacob1 has all that much time to dilly-dally. 

  • The_Danker
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    Don't mind me i am gonna join 

    and give me a place to live


    P.S. Here come the pro

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