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    When did you submit it? It needs to be approved first
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     you play that zelda man :P

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    I already beat it :P, all 120 shrines, all memories. Didn't upgrade all the clothes though but I have all of them in my inventory
  • agent420
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    i followed your instruction on how to get scripts downloaded from the website to run, but it keeps saying permission denied. could someone please post a youtube video of them modding android?

  • jacob1
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    You will need to give me more info. Where are you getting the "permission denied" error from?

    Also note that the android version is unsupported by the script manager. but it can work somehow.

    Edit: I'm assuming this is about the android port based on the fact you asked twice elsewhere
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    @jacob 1 ill make a youtube video showing exactly what i did

  • jacob1
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    A new version of the script manager is out. Please update to 3.10 to ensure the online tab doesn't break in the future
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    There's currently a large backlog of scripts waiting to be approved, I can probably get to them this week. Even if your script sits unapproved for a few weeks it's probably still there.
    There's two really good looking scripts I want to approve ...
    - edit: I got through the backlog a while ago now, no waiting scripts at the moment
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    So sad, because i cant open this script, because i playing on android :'(

  • jacob1
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    The script server has a new design now. As much as we liked @boxmein 's web design, it had some issues. Most notably, you had to click "more" 10 times to view all the scripts, and then scroll all the way back up once you clicked one. It also didn't match the rest of our site design.

    Anyway, the new design matches the rest of the site and links to it, and has a much nicer interface for selecting scripts. It also has an updated paste.lua page.