Food Toy Mod

  • jacob1
    October 2017 Developer 0 Permalink

    I'm only providing new, valid links for it, based on the source I had downloaded to my computer a few years ago. I compiled the windows version today, the only change I made was to add an SConscript and to remove the update check.

    Any issues you have won't be fixed, since the person who originally made this mod 7 years ago no longer plays TPT. That is also why this mod is so old.
  • bubble
    November 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    jacob is there a newer versoin that your updating? 

  • jacob1
    November 2017 Developer 0 Permalink
  • Tasha04
    7th January Member 0 Permalink

    dang it, this mod wont even work on my computer

  • superbroman
    19th February Member 0 Permalink

    huh cool mod