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    I can't open the following save with it:



    It gives me "An error occurred when parsing the save: Unable to decompress (ret 0)". What's wrong with it?

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    Version 38.2 Released!

    Version 38.2 2018-01-02
    Fix ren.colorMode() crash. Fix crash when opening saves from the command line. Improve bson error handling. Fix "Unable to decompress (ret 0)" error when attempting to load certain saves.

    Fixed two obscure bugs with the save rewrite. Also one bug breaking tptmp, but from what I could tell nobody except me was actually affected for some reason.

    Download Version 38.2 for Mac OS X 10.6+
    Download Version 38.2 for 64 bit linux.
    Download Version 38.2 for 32 bit linux.

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    Thanks, I fixed it. Apparently the author deleted the save like 15 minutes after I made a fix. Good that I was able to view it in time ...
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    Jacob1's Mod, tpt's longest lasting and most popular mod. My overall goal isn't to add a bunch of elements you can forget about, it's to create a more stable tpt version with lots of new features and other things not fit for the official version, things like moving solids, multiple tabs, TPT multiplayer, and others.

    Its not going to get in that NEVER
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