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    also, i have some suggestions ( a lot of these are things that are in the Subframe mod, but would probably be at home in Jacob1's mod) 

    1. a option in the HUD2 menu for FILT ctype, and showing both the CTYPE of the FILT and the tmp mode.

    2. opening the PROP menu with a key ( this probably the one that would be most useful, honestly) OR,

    a lua function to open menus (i.e a button that opens the search menu when you click it, for example)

    3. a limit for how meny elements can be in the recents bar (i sometimes have to clear out at least 100 elements from the recents bar).

    btw your mod is the best 

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    For now, you can select CTP2 and deselect FILT, that will show both ctype and tmp as numbers for FILT. FILT is way on the left side, it's the option enabled by default that shows FILT .tmp modes as text in the ctype area.
    Do you want ctype as a number and the FILT mode text at the same time?

    A key for PROP might be nice. 'p' is already taken, I don't think 'm' is, or I could do something else. A lua function to open menus would be nice but isn't as simple as it sounds. I would have to hardcode opening each menu.

    I'll add a recent elements limit. There used to be one before I redid the favorites menu to more closely match TPT.
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     yeah, the ctype as a number and the filt mode, that's what i was thinking.

    also M isn't bound to anything afaik, i just tested it.