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    I will, but note that all of the changes are minor except for the luajit one. And some of the fixes don't even apply to this mod at all, like the windows compiler fix and the deco editor fix. There is no rush to update this mod or the Android port.
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    Jacob, could you consider this for the official version? http://powdertoy.co.uk/Discussions/Thread/View.html?Thread=21924

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    Why isn't it being updated??? I an not saying to update it right now, it is just still on 92.1.

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    There are no relevant changes except for switching to luajit, and adding two new Lua api functions. I will update this when I have time (perhaps this weekend)

    Don't assume the mod is behind just because of the version number :P. See the "official feedback thread" for the recent changelogs, it's basically just "fix the mac version", "really fix the mac version", "oops forgot luajit"

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    I haven't really looked at it much. It looks like it would need quite a bit of effort to code, effort that i'm unlikely to do myself, but could always provide assistance / guidance for.